Let’s Talk About Content Marketing

Let’s Talk About Content Marketing

In this episode of the Impact Marketing Podcast I talk about content marketing and some of the areas I will be covering on the Impact Marketing Podcast. I will be covering an array of topics on the podcast, but I will spend a lot of time talking about podcasting, because this is just a space that I love. It’s growing and there are plenty of opportunities for us to leverage the medium as business owners.

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  • Infographics

Hey guys, welcome back to another episode of impact marketing. I’m your host, Audrey bell currently, so happy to be with you today. So in the last video, I gave you a little bit of introduction about who I am and some of the things I’m going to be covering. Now, I’m going to break those things down into the categories that I’m going to be covering.

So I’m going to start out with content marketing because that’s one of the categories I spend a lot of my time in, um, Because I feed a lot of content. I host a want one with net four days out of the week. I blog two or three times a week with that. So I do a lot of content marketing. So that’s why I want to share all, I want to start off with content marketing first.

So let’s talk about what content marketing is. So content marketing is anything that you produce content. So this show that we’re doing right now, This is content marketing. So I do video. We’re gonna be talking about video marketing. Let me talk to my podcasting. We’re going to be talking about ebook and self publishing books on Amazon.

We’re going to be talking about how to use infographics. We’re going to be talking about how to use a digital magazine, how to use a print magazine, how to use a weekly newsletter. I create a lot of content guys. I create a lot of content, so. Those are the things that we’re going to be talking about, the importance of blogging, how to lay a blog out.

So to tell you what I do. So I have a blog on, um, my, my good morning. Wouldn’t that say? I have a blog on there. Why I blog about what’s happening in Gwinnette County? So Gwinnett County is where I live inside Metro Atlanta. I live right outside of Atlanta in a County cog when they’re in a town called Lawrenceville.

And so I do a show Monday through Thursday at 10:00 AM where I talk about news events. Politics. And on Thursdays, I interview guests. Now that’s a lot of content. Some of that content, I don’t do anything with. So Monday through Monday through Wednesday, I don’t do a whole lot with that content except for do my podcasts.

So my podcast is syndicated on my mobile apps. My podcast is syndicated on Alexa, which we’re going to talk about in another video is syndicated on fire. TV is syndicated on YouTube as well as on my side. Right. So I use, um, I use a platform Costa Rica for that, and we’re going to, as we get into the podcast and phase of this, I’m going to show you share with you about the different kinds of platforms you can use as well.

Now. I got to tell you, I think this is where I made a mistake though. And I’m too far gone to go back and kind of change it. Cause it’s going to take too much. I have a blog that I use Weebly. I use on Weebly. Now I should have had a WordPress blog for my good morning with net, but I started on Weebly and I kind of.

Stayed over there not have so much content. I don’t want to move. And we’ll talk about the different platforms where you want to put your content. I’m going to tell you right out the gate because of WordPress and all of the power that it has, you should start with w you’re going to have a website. You should start with WordPress.

So just get that out of the way right now. So before you start doing video marketing and blogging and all this stuff, you want to have a WordPress site. Even though you may have a, um, a channel on YouTube, right. Also may have, like, you know, your podcast is hosted on Spreaker or Lipson or, you know, Pod bean on whichever platform you use or Buzzsprout, you still want to have your own website.

If you do a website, you want to have that website on WordPress. If you are planning to scale it, and it’s at some potentially future date, you want to sell it. You want to be on WordPress. Right? When I say WordPress is wordpress.org. My point daughter, she has a business and she did not consult with me.

She heard me say WordPress, but she did not consult with him before she went and bought WordPress. Or she went to wordpress.com and paid for a, um, a website. They’re not the right one guys, not the right one. Cause wordpress.com is just like being on blogger or. Weebly or Wix, you don’t own those platforms with, um, wordpress.org.

You actually own your site. That’s your site. You can sell it. You can’t sell your weekly site. Cause it’s own, it’s kinda, it’s kinda cool owned by wheelie, right? So I made a mistake. They’re not, and I have been struggling with that mistake. Well, while now, trying to figure out how to move all of my content off the, off the we platform over to WordPress.

So right out the gate. Make sure that you have a WordPress site and we’ll talk about a little bit more about WordPress and all of the amazing things you can do with WordPress. Now, granted, we believe has said, you know what? You know, we are doing plugins as well. There are things you can do to weave in the platform.

No, like doing different kinds of little plugins there. They can’t touch WordPress when it comes to plugins. When I say plugins is all the little widgets that you can add to your website to make your website faster, to make it SEL compatible, all these different things you can do. So definitely know that you want a WordPress site out the gate.

All right. That’s the first thing, especially if you want to be blogging, if you’re going to be blogging, you want to make sure you have a word precise. So we’re going to be talking about blogging. We’re going to be talking about on the content marketing and blogging. We’re going to be talking about a digital magazine.

I have a magazine called noisemakers, right? I love I’m a magazine junkie. If you could see my office, like to the right of me, you would see magazines. Um, To the, to the side of me, you can’t see that because it’s, it’s an, it’s an a, it’s an a case, but I love magazines. I’ve always loved magazines. So you know how some people like coffee, some people like cigarettes, some people like weed.

I like magazines. I’m a magazine junkie. So I have a magazine called noisemaker. It is a digital and print magazine. Digital and print, man, I should have had one break. It was me and I do. And I show you that in another, the video, but I have a pre print and digital magazine, or here’s why I have a printed magazine because I spot like people in the magazine.

And when you, when you shine the spotlight on people, People want to show people that they’ve been spotlighting. Right? So I create the magazine. It’s a pretty simple magazine, but powerful 16 pages is beautiful. It’s full color. And in that magazine, I share stories about marketing and also share other people’s stories in my network.

This way people can take that magazine and share it with their friends. And what does that do? That helps me market the rest of what I do. So my, my podcasts, my marketing service, my media company. It’s a great way to get your name out there. So. A digital magazine. Um, an easing, I do a weekly easy and y’all, I know that’s a lot, some people do daily.

Like I get daily, easings from people. I know they have a ton of people working with them to make this thing happen. I don’t have a ton of people working in what I do do a weekly easing. So I do a weekly easy. It goes out to a list of almost 1500 people. And I talk about marketing. I talk a little bit about my life, like what’s happening in my life right now, but at the bottom.

At the bottom of my, of my easing, I have the podcast network there, which is a part of noise media in my mind, easiness the noise report because my company is called noise media network. So hence the word noise and everything. Yeah. That’s why I’m impact marketing is up under the noise media brand. So, so it’s good morning when they’re all up in the noise media brands for my newsletter that goes out, it’s called the noise report.

Um, my magazine is called noisemakers. Right. Shining the spotlight on those. Who’s making noise in their industry and their communities and around the world. And so I do the easing, it goes out every Monday or Tuesday. Cause sometimes I get a little busy to get. So it goes out Monday or Tuesday every week.

Yes. That’s that’s commitment. Y’all that’s commitment, dedication, but I understand the power of this type of marketing. So this, this can be okay. Partially considered email marketing because it is an email newsletter that goes out digitally. And it’s not a lot. It’s a marketing tip and there is news about what I’m, what I got going on.

But at the bottom I had, um, ask some sponsors in there. I have, um, information about the podcast network at the bottom. Yeah. If I had any events coming up, I put that in there. So it’s pretty simple. Printing very pretty. It looks nice. It’s very coachable. I’ve had, I’ve gotten a lot of compliments about how pretty it looks.

Cause I went to Canva and we’ll talk about that later too. I went to camp and made all my graphics for the newsletter and I have a template and all I do is copy my template and move it along. That’s how I’m able to do it so easily because I come up with whatever I’m going to talk about. Um, my marketing tip for the day, and we’re going to talk about content repurposing too.

And the content marketing. There’s a lot of ways to do that. Cause when I. When I do that newsletter, whatever article right about that day, it also goes on my website. Cause I just, I don’t, it doesn’t make sense for me to recreate the, another whole new article. And I just wrote about one in the newsletter.

So if I write an article on Tuesday and the newsletter, I take the same article and I put it on my good morning website under a tab, I call grow local. Um, because I’m really, I’m really dedicated to helping small business owners. Right. Get there and get their brands out in front of people in a major way.

And so these are all the things that I do. The things that I’m sharing with you or the things that I do. And it sounds like it’s a lot when I hear myself say it, but I know what I’m trying to accomplish, and I want you to be able to accomplish the same thing. Now, here’s the thing I don’t want you to get to.

Overwhelmed and stressed out, trying to do all of the things that I do. Remember I’ve been doing this for 23 years. This I didn’t just start doing this. I’ve been doing this for 23 years. 21 of those years, I’ve worked from home full time. Full time. My daughter was about C she’ll be 29 in two weeks. Yeah.

So 23 years, she was six years old and I’ve been working from home full time since she was eight. Right. Doing all kinds of stuff. I’m in, I said, I’m an inventor. I invented the first plus size fashion doll that was manufactured in Hong Kong. And I knew nothing about. The toy industry. So, um, I’ve learned a lot.

So don’t what I’m telling you. Overwhelm you take what I’m sharing with you and take the best of that and use it to your abilities to help you grow your business. I do a lot. I’ve learned to manage a lot. I don’t want you to be overwhelmed. I want you to know that you can do this. Just take my experiences, take some of the advice that I give you and then use it to help you grow your business.

Okay. Alright, so podcasting love, love, love, love, love podcasting, the podcast. And since 2009, I had a, um, I started out doing a podcast called business with breakfast, and that podcast was me and my good friend, Trisha tele. We used to get up every Tuesday morning at nine 30 and the host of the podcast, that podcast, where we interview people on blog talk radio a lot has changed since 2009.

So in industry is wide open in and ready for it. Growth like growth is the word that I can tell if you follow podcasts. I mean, any way you probably a couple of weeks ago drove Joe Rogan podcasts and might, as long as I’ve been podcasting, he just got his podcast bought out by Spotify for a hundred million dollars.

Right. And I was like, what the heck does he talk about on his podcast to sell it for a hundred million dollars? Well, he talked to regular everyday people, but he talks to everybody. Like, you know, a lot of times you have people that just talk to business, people, people that just talk to authors, people, they just talk about.

Yeah. Um, two crimes. I kind of talk about business and politics and innovation and things like that. He kind of talks to everybody. And so, because he has a little bit of stardom, cause he’s a comedian and he was, I think he was in the MMA or something. So he had a little bit of a following there too, but he has grown that podcast to a tremendous amount of viewers and subscribers.

And now he just got picked up by Spotify for a hundred million dollars. So. This industry right here. It’s no joke, baby. So you want to be in it now if you don’t like being on stage, damn, this is a perfect opportunity for you to get your podcasts out there to the world, right. And you don’t even have to be on camera and your podcast can still be video.

That’s that’s exciting. So we’re going to talk about that when I go through the whole podcast and part of the, um, a part of this. So, so just know that all the information I’m going to give you, I’m going to break them down, but I just want you to know what I’m saying, talking about. So we’re going to be talking about podcasting video marketing.

Um, I have a video TV network on, on Roku and Amazon fire TV. I am launching a new TV network called the noise TV network. It’s also going to be on Amazon. Fire TV. It’s going to be an Android TV. It’s going to be an Apple TV and it’s going to be on Roku and mobile apps. We don’t so much guys. Yes, I do a lot.

I do a lot, but I’m going to break these things down for you so you can understand how you can take some of what I have, what I’m talking about and use it for your business. I use all of this stuff in my business. None of it is for just for pleasure. It’s all for business, the TV networks, the digital magazines, the print magazines, the blogs, or podcasts and radio, all for business, all the grow my business.

That’s what I do at port. So we’re going to talk about that. And last but not least. Um, we’re going to talk about, um, I’m going to be talking about, uh, even ebook clubbing publishing and publishing. I’ve been publishing since 1998. Yes. Yes. That long. I coauthored my first book in 1998, it was called the cookbook to romance with two friends.

It was so funny because. We used to do a mastermind group. And in that mastermind group, every Sunday, two 30, we would get together with 606 of us would get together. We will, yeah. We’ll bring a snack to my office. I had an office in Eastern New Jersey. We would sit down and we would brainstorm about business.

Now we all had our separate businesses, but we were mastermind about that. We got that idea because we all read thinking, go rich and then think of grow rich. It says, mastermind groups are powerful and they really are. One particular Sunday, three of us stayed behind and we decided, you know what? We need to make some more money because money’s not coming quick enough excited to write a book.

And we call that book, the cookbook to romance. And that was our, that was the first time self publishing. That was my first time self publishing. A book books are on the book. It was so funny. Cause I remember this, like it was yesterday. Um, My coauthors and myself, we didn’t want to use our real name. Right.

Cause it was like, okay, this book is about romance. We want people to notice us cause we’re supposed to be these respectful business people. We were, we didn’t know. We were still very new to entrepreneurship. Um, cause remember I had just kicked off like in 2000 and I mean, 1996 we had just kind of, I had just kinda broke into like really broke into it.

The 2019 97. So we didn’t want people to think badly of us writing this book about romance, but we wrote the book and on the book, my name was Dominique Pierre I’m. One of the coauthors name was Mickey Jordan. And the other one name was Amanda. Rochelle. We did not use our real names. It’s hilarious because my daughter name is Dominique.

And so I was like, okay, I’m going to name myself, Dominick pier. It sounds very French. Right? And so Nikki Jordan. I think that’s a very cute name, Nikki during, right. And then Amanda, Rochelle, I thought that was cute. So we had a really, really cute names, but that was our first foray into self-publishing. So I’m going to be talking about self publishing and getting your book on Amazon and how to get it translated to different languages and all that kind of stuff.

All of these things that help you grow your business. Impact marketing is going to give you impact into growing your business. That’s all I’m going to say. All right. So I’m going to end this, this video right now. I’m going to come back to you in another video to bring you more of what I’m going to be talking about.

We’re going to talk about, um, Amazon and AI. We’re going to talk about streaming media, and we’re going to talk about voice SEO, which is something I’m really excited about. So stay tuned and I’ll be back until next time. Make it a great day. Bye y’all.


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